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CUSCO bag (with two different sides)

Designer: fairiaibiza

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The CUSCO bag, one of my favorite and most used bags. Also this bag is my bestseller, so I'm not the only one who loves it! The bag is handmade of vintage handwoven fabrics which are natural dyed

The bag can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. The bag is lined with a black fabric and has a pocket with zipper inside. You can close the bag as well with a zipper. The measurements of the bag are around 50 * 35 * 11 cm. The bag is super strong and you can use it daily. Ideal for carrying your laptop, going to the supermarket or to the beach and also ideal as handluggage when traveling.

I call this the CUSCO bag, because this city gives me so much inspiration and I love it, like the bag. Cusco is the capital of the INCA culture and I'm totally in love with the culture and the place. You can find so much knowledge in this area, I wish I had all these knowledge. The bag is really strong and totally handmade. The fabric is handwoven and natural dyed. I went to a course to learn how they dye the wool and that was so fascinating; First they wash the wool with yuca, to clean it. After they dye the wool with vegetables or other things from nature like cactus. After the wool is dyed, they start weaving the fabrics. From these fabrics the bags are made. Check here some pictures of the process.

When you buy one of my bags, you're not only supporting me, but also the families I work together with! All the families I work together with, get fair paid. The bags are totally handmade and they are made with a lot of love.